Photographer Nicola Bernardi explains what the duck is going on..

Taken by Dave Morrow

It’s really spooky just how well these photo’s line up. Check out his photostream on Flickr HERE.

Woodland Gardens Taken with Lumix GF2 + 20mm f/1.7 (+ CIR-POL)

Woodland Gardens Taken with Lumix GF2 + 20mm f/1.7 (+ CIR-POL)

Woodland Gardens Taken with Lumix GF2 + 20mm f/1.7 (+ CIR-POL)

I’ve been really getting into Cinemagraphs lately. I’m going to keep practicing practice at this technique with the hope to apply it to portraiture in the future.

Please bare in mind it’s wobbly because it was taken hand held with a shutter speed of 1.6”  

Virgin Forest, Mezní Louka, Ústecký, Czech Republic Taken by ‘Skoeber’

Check out this guys photostream on Flickr HERE.

The life of an American Drifter Taken by Mike Brodie

I really love this photoset by Mike Brodie. It’s always a pleasure to redescover a photograph and see how your feelings change. Cick HERE to view the full photoset.

For just one moment..

Cast every thought about yourself aside for one moment, every connection, every worry, every memory of the past and thought of the future. Cast it all aside. Not because it is evil but simply because you can. No self reference and no self image, just for a moment.

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Chai Wallah Takenby Dorji Wangchuk

Ron Fricke, Samsara (2011)

To those of you who haven’t seen Samsara yet. Stick the kettle on and watch with an open mind.. 

Glencoe, Scotland Taken by James Roddie

Madagascar Citrine Taken with Nikon D700 + Micro Nikkor 40mm f/2.8G (DX)

Photographer Unknown 

Sand Mandala at Thikse Monastery, India.Filmed by Ron Fricke for Samsara.

The Monks create these intricate Kalachakra mandalas to demonstrate the beauty and the fullness of life then sweep them away to symbolise the impermanence of life and the “transitory nature of material things”.

Click HERE and HERE to view them in action