I love my moon child!!

Great to be sharing some groovy energy with the lizziemoo x

Last night I went cycling with my house mate and his boss in Richmond park. On the way back over the bridge at Teddington Lock I was admiring the red sunset reflecting off the water. I then looked the other way to see a massive red moon. Full moons happen every month of every year but it will always be a truly amazing sight to behold..


Taken with Nikon D700 + Nippon Kugaku 55mm f/1.2 Pre Ai

The Lens has been converted to Nikkor Ai so it will work on new Nikon F mount camera’s. The focusing is a bit dry and theres a 3mm scratch on the front element so it’s not in the best nick but as an f/1.2 it has stupidly shallow depth of field, great colours/shadow depth and most importantly it was only £20..

Took it out over the weekend to a few locations so loads more photo’s to come from this one..



I need to work on giving straight answers to questions. I waffle an awful lot so anyone who wants to converse with me has to pick out the useful information from a midst the verbal diarrhea. I’m so clear and to the point in work but because there are no boxes to my walking life I can get lost in the ocean of my own mind..

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Elephants Never Forget..

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Georgia's Pinterest Blog ॐ

Full of beautiful pictures of the east ..and lots of Gaja’s :3

Love & Light x

Absolutely Nothing..

War is not the only thing that is good for. Absolutely nothing is also good a thing to do on your day off. Today I spent the whole day in the Sun with Gee and her amazing doggy Badger who I think has finally accepted me. We spent the whole day chilling in the park doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Our location was determined quite stylishly by me falling over a mole mound trying to throw a stick. (Soo Smooth)

We then after many hours getting sun burmt and entertaining badger retreated back to the Moroccan room and ate a lemon drizzle cake and drank tea :)

A really nice part of the day was not having my phone on me all day which helped me be super chilled and in the momenty

There’s some really lovely changes going on..

*happy sigh*
Love & Light Little Gaja’s

Owen was in a bad mood on Monday night so he gave me a Moroccan puzzle box and sat back with a massive grin on his face expecting me to struggle for hours..

*face drops after 3 minute completion

Apparently it took Owen and his three architectural colleagues 45 minutes and a google search to open this box. He was fuming! 

So stupidly excited for Modem Festival

This is Jake. I went to reception, primary and secondary school with him and we’ve been friends for 18 years..

Up until yesterday I hadn’t seen him for over four years and I’ve seen him very little over the last six years as he moved out of London to battle drug addiction in rehab.

During this time he has discovered spirituality and it has helped him to overcome his addiction. Despite us being 300 miles apart we both came to the same spiritual conclusions, ideas and concepts about the vibrations of love, truth. Living in the now and the benefits of Chakra Meditation and we have a rich past of synchronicity.

The vibes in the room we were in were amazing the whole experience was totally just in the now, enjoying the moment, with eye contact and mutual understanding. It felt like we were two little kids again. Chilling out but this time we were two men. 

So as you’d expect we went straight into fluid conversation as if he was still living in London and we were meeting every weekend. We got back up to date and in addition to our spiritual chat we shared music, youtube videos and philosophy and had a bloody good giggle too. We went straight back to being silly like we were at school seen  here.

I just wanna say right now. I really love you man. You’re such a strong and beautiful person and a true Inspiration.

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Ewan Lefroy Singer/Song Writer SoundCloud
Taken with Nikon D700 + 24-70mm f/2.8(N)
(I achieved the crazy colours using curves ctrl+m on Photoshop CC)

Taken with Nikon D700 + 50mm f/1.8AF